FSA Retail Distribution Review - Level 4

Intellego has developed a suite of learning and exam preparation products to help individuals study for their post RDR qualification in a way that works best for them. Each can be used standalone or in combination as a comprehensive end to end learning and exam preparation solution.


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R01 1 Day Agenda

R01 Key Facts V1; Chapter 1 & 2

R01 Learning Points; Chapter 1, 1-1 & 1-2 (Webcast)

R01 A Guide to Studying (Webcast)

R01 Learning Guide V1

R01 Intellego Mock Exam & GAP Analysis


R01–R06 Gap Analysis Tool

Comprehensive assessments delivered electronically, enabling students to measure their level of knowledge and identify any gaps or weak areas. This will enable them to plan their study more effectively and achieve greater exam success.


R01–R06 Learning Guides

Designed for anyone preparing for the R0 exams, the Intellego Learning Guides can be used on their own or in conjunction with other reference material.  The Intellego Learning Guides are structured specifically as learning rather than reference material and contain examples, self assessments and case studies. They follow the layout of the CII syllabus and are designed to enable and encourage self study at both learning & revision stages. Available in both hard copy and PDF format.


R01–R06 Webcasts

The Intellego Webcasts provide individuals with additional support in preparing for the L4 exams; like the Learning Guides, the webcasts follow the structure of the CII syllabus.  Each series of webcasts (e.g. R01) fosters a clear understanding of the content and objectives of that module. Each individual webcast serves as a “milestone” throughout the self study process, helping the individual to work systematically and effectively through each stage of the curriculum by addressing the key facts of each chapter / learning objective, providing point grabbing information.


R01–R06 Key Facts Handbook

Available in both hard copy and PDF format , the Key Facts Handbooks provide individuals with the key learning objectives for each R0. They do not replace the Learning Guides but provide a compact view of the syllabus learning points, with key facts and point grabbing information and therefore serve as a quick reference throughout the study process. They serve as a portable study aid which enable users to revise in short intervals when the opportunity presents itself.



R01–R06 Mock Exams

Delivered on-line, Intellego’s mock exams ensure that learners are sufficiently prepared to pass their examinations at the first attempt. Answers, marks & feedback are provided to enable individuals to address any knowledge gaps identified ahead of their final revision.


R01–R06 Instructor led training & workshops

Intellego pre-exam training and workshops enable delegates to participate in interactive lessons where they can debate and discuss syllabus learning outcomes with an experienced facilitator. Intellego has over 17 years experience delivering financial services training, both to organisations and individuals, with consistently high examination pass rates. All workshops are designed to complement prior study and reinforce learning helping to increase the chances of passing the exam at the first sitting.