Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Anti-Bribery & Corruption - Our ABC Course

Our 45 minute Anti-Bribery and corruption course enables the user to clearly understand what is defined as bribery and how to respond to it ensuring best-practice.



What is the Bribery Act?
On the 1st July 2011 the UK Bribery Act came into force. It is widely acknowledged as one of the strongest pieces of anti-bribery legislation in the world. In particular, the new corporate offence of failing to prevent bribery allows for unlimited fines for those businesses falling foul of the law and even captures the activities of third parties acting on behalf of an organisation. The only defence available to an organisation is to have in place 'adequate procedures' to prevent bribery. The UK Ministry of Justice has published guidance on 'adequate procedures'. The guidance states:


" is likely to be effective in firmly establishing an anti-bribery culture whatever the level of risk."



About the ABC course:
Intellego has partnered with Pannone LLa -a leading Regulatory and Compliance law firm advising UK and Global businesses- to produce a turnkey e-Learning solution, which helps clients:

  • Train their staff to understand the risks associated with bribery and how to spot and report it
  • Test knowledge on internal policies and procedures and provide feedback
  • Audit all training records via an easy-to-use database

Taken together, these measures allow you to demonstrate you have taken “adequate steps” to prevent bribery & corrupt practises in your organisation.


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